High Rate Melt Tank

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Brand New High Rate Melt Tank

JJA Pack are proud to announce the release of our new high rate melt tank. The system can be configured to melt buttons, callets or drops.

Key Features:

  • Removable Melting Grid
  • Bespoke Agitators
  • Optional Vibration Sieve
  • Can be used a standalone unit or as part as a farm

With a removable melting grid, it allows operators to clean the tank, making switching to different chocolate types or compounds easy, as well as generating less waste.

These tanks include a bespoke agitator design to suit each product.

The unit can also be used as a day tank to feed a Temperer, with the optional Russel Finex sieve the chocolate can be filtered on the return from an enrober as an example.

High Rate Melt Tank With Sieve

Horizontal tank with sieve

Horizontal tank without sieve

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